An update on Agnes & Flanley

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During our trip to Kenya in November 2022, we met the heavily pregnant Agnes at our Rescue Centre. She was staying with us at the time, and like almost all the children we take in, she too had been through a lot. Agnes is a 16-year-old girl. Due to abuse from her teacher, she became pregnant in 2022.

In November 2022, Agnes took us to the village where she lives with her family. During this visit, she was beautifully captured by our photographer. She lives with her older sister and two younger brothers with their grandparents. Agnes’ mother has a new husband and within that tribe it is not customary to take your previous husband’s children with you. That’s why they live with grandparents.

Grandma runs a small store in the village where they live. Behind the store are two rooms where the seven of them, and later when the baby arrives, the eight of them will sleep. Outside is a hut where Grandma cooks and there is also a makeshift shower/toilet.

A tad shy, but full of pride, Agnes showed us around during this visit. And how wonderful it was to see the small talk between grandma and granddaughter! Soon the whole village was aware that there were some Mzungu (white people), so the neighbors also came to take a look. We were invited to the neighbor’s house, where then the village elder spontaneously began to sing.

Apparently this outing had made Agnes relax and a day later contractions began in the evening. In the middle of the night, she gave birth to her beautiful son Flanley!

By March 2023, several months had passed and we visited Agnes again to see how she and Flanley were now doing. And we were very happy to see that Agnes and Flanley are doing well. Unfortunately, while the lawsuit is pending against her teacher, Agnes cannot return home yet. She herself must testify against the teachers. After that, a hefty punishment awaits him, especially given his position.

After reuniting with the family, we will continue to follow and support her for the next year with our Every Child a Home program. Betty, our social worker, will stay in touch with the family and separately also with Agnes and provide (financial) support as needed.

Agnes and newborn Flanley, at our Rescue Center

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