Help increase the resilience of the kenyan child !

Our goal .

Our goal, through our resilience program Rise Up Now, is to ensure generations of
resilient and resilient children in Kenya.

From as little as €10 you can give a child a better future .

To give the first 3,000 children access to our program, €30,000 is needed. For €10 you can have a child follow the program and give them a better future. Do you also want to be the a sparkle in a child's life? Then donate now!

Rise Up Now Program

The resilience program grew out of our work with the Kenya Child Care Foundation. In Kilifi, we shelter children who are victims of (sexual) abuse, neglect and/or maltreatment. This is important and valuable work. But how wonderful would it be if we could reach these children earlier to make them strong and resilient? This way, we make it less likely that they will find themselves in such a threatening situation. In some cases we can’t prevent it but we can teach children how to deal with it as best we can. What does our program deliver in the longer term:

  • fewer youth victims of sexual violence
  • fewer unwanted pregnancies
  • fewer high school dropouts
  • less drug use
  • less crime

In other words, a powerful and strong society.

Self-confidence and resilience through Rise Up Now

Rise Up Now is an active program full of challenge and fun for elementary school children in Kenya. We teach each child to strengthen self-confidence and develop social skills through play. With these tools, they will face their future resiliently.
Rise up Now was developed in collaboration with, a household name in the Netherlands when it comes to mental resilience training for children. Children who are strong and firm in life are better able to hold their own, set boundaries, treat each other respectfully and take their own initiatives. These are important conditions for learning on the one hand and developing social-emotional skills on the other.
We deliver the training with materials that we have developed further. Especially for the children in Kenya, we have adapted both the text and illustrations to their language, culture, beliefs and customs. In this we were helped by a Dutch anthropologist and a Kenyan educator. Renowned Kenyan illustrator Stanislaus Issa Olonde created the illustrations. 3,000 books have been printed and have now been transported to Kenya. Also, two teams have now been carefully assembled. They were personally trained in Kenya by Natascha Meeusen of and will enthusiastically launch in January 2023.

Donate and become the bright spot in a child's life! .

Together with our team, we want to provide a better future for 10,000 children in Kenya in the coming year. With your help, the first 3,000 children can be trained starting in January. For €10 you can have a child follow the program and give them a better future. Do you also want to be the a sparkle in a child's life? Then donate now!

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We reach 200 children a week.
To accomplish this, our team provides training to these children. We visit one to two schools each day, depending on the sometimes long distance to be traveled. This way we can teach 8 to 10 classes weekly. That is, depending on the class, about 200 children a week in whom we make a difference in their lives!

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