Our goal is to reunite 9 out of 10 children with their families

Every child a home .

Kenya Child Care uses the "Every Child a Home" program in its outreach efforts. This allows us to reunite children who are now placed in institutions for various reasons back with their families. We believe it is important for as many children as possible to grow up with their families.

Currently, we manage to reunite 6 of the 10 children with the family. With this program we aim to have 9 out of 10 children growing up with the family.

Through this program, we ensure that the child's basic needs (food, medical care and education) are met. In doing so, the family is supported and guided by a social worker. During the home visit, our social worker talks with the parents but also separately with the child. This way it can see where the challenges are and see on the ground where and what help is needed.

For example, sometimes there is not enough food. Or the child cannot attend school because there is no money for a school uniform. The other day we purchased a mattress from Kenya Child Care because the three children were sleeping on only a slatted base. This made them sleep very badly, but they could not sleep on the floor because of the vermin. Now the children sleep softly with each other on the mattress. They are rested and better able to concentrate in school.

A scholarship

We pay tuition (directly to the school) and provide the school uniform.

Food Packages

We provide food if the family cannot provide for their primary living expenses.

Medical assistance

For HIV infected children but also for other sick children we pay the medical costs and education towards the parents/caregivers.

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