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Through all the experiences of the past few years, it is clear how necessary the rescue center of Kenya Child Care Foundation is for the children. Yet now is the time to take a bigger step.

With the out-reach program Rise Up Now, we are following up on our Kenya Child Care project. Rise Up Now playfully teaches elementary school children in Kenya to strengthen self-confidence and develop social skills that will help them face their future resiliently. We do this because it is also seen locally that too many children are still damaged and discouraged by the harsh conditions.

The program was developed in collaboration with Bikkels. They have proven through years of experience that their training makes children more mentally and emotionally resilient. In this way, we can contribute to a more powerful generation of adults by working on children’s happiness today.

Rise Up Now will be worked out from the rescue center, where the foundation has been laid. Natascha, one of Bikkels’ trainers, is currently training our team in Kenya.

Together with our team, we aim to give 10,000 children a better future every year. Together with our donors, we are turning that dream into reality. This results in:

➡️ fewer youth victims of sexual violence

➡️ fewer unwanted pregnancies

➡️ fewer school dropouts

➡️ less drug use

➡️ less crime

In short: a resilient and resilient generation! Will you help too? Check out our website for more information on how to contribute:

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