Our work and purpose

Our goal is to support 60 children per year
and reunite 9 out of 10 children with family.

The organization .

Every child has the right to grow up in a loving and safe environment preferably with family.

We achieve this with Kenya Child Care by offering the children we care for safety, shelter, (psychological) care and guidance, compassion and love. We believe it is important for a child to grow up with family and we emphasize that.

Our work has a great social impact: the rehabilitation of traumatized children resulting in a reduced chance of recurrence in adult life, less crime and more stable families. In all this, the professional Kenyan team in the rescue centre is indispensable.

Our working method .

When children need help from Kenya Child Care, we always follow a series of set steps. We start at our rescue center for acute help and shelter. Then we get to work with our program "Every Child a Home. Because if possible, every child is best off with his or her own family.


Release and give shelter


Medical check


Therapy and education






child and family

Our values .

We do our work from five core values.
This is what drives us, this is where we stand for.


Connection - We stand for connection. Both connecting the children with the family and also cooperation between us and the various agencies.


Perspective - We believe it is important to be able to offer the children and families perspective for a better future. This contributes to the children's flourishing.


Trustworthy - Most of the time the trust of the (traumatized) child is damaged therefore we have trustworthiness as an extra high priority, the children must be able to rely on us. The donations we receive as an organization are spent entirely on our cause.


Results-oriented - We set clear goals every year, this way we can measure the result and see what successes we have achieved.


Quality - Children deserve the best, which is why we hold quality in high regard. This will be reflected in the structure of the program and how the organization is set up.

Kilifi, Kenya .

Kilifi County was formed in 2010 by merging a number of coastal municipalities. The county has a population of 1,591,902 of whom 355,191 are children.

Its capital is the town of Kilifi of the same name. Kilifi is located on both sides of the Kilifi Creek, between the cities of Malindi and Mombassa. The city has a population of over 30,000 and is located in southeastern Kenya.

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