Our goal is to support 60 children each year

Help free these children .

Kenya Child Care's rescue center is a temporary shelter in Kilifi for children in an acute threatening (home) situation. Here we have room for 20 children and we are doing everything we can to find a safe place for these children for the future. We offer them safety and a place to live, heal and grow. Watch the video.

Rescue center .

We provide safety and a place to live, heal and grow. The rescue center of Kenya Child Care is a temporary shelter based in Kilifi. Here we accommodate 20 children who have been removed from a situation of acute need. We are doing everything we can to find these children a safe place for the future.


Release and give shelter

We provide children with primary care and a safe place to stay.


Medical check

Children’s health is important. Each child is medically examined upon entry. If necessary, we will arrange for appropriate treatment.


Therapy and education

Our children are mentored psychologically by our psychologist. For the safety of the children, the teacher comes to our location.



Rehabilitation followed by possible reunification with the family takes place under the supervision of our psychologist.

We couldn't do any of this without our team .

The children who come into our rescue center are lovingly cared for by our expert team.

  • Our caregivers will make the child feel welcome and show them around the rescue center.
  • Because these children often come from a traumatic situation, our psychologist provides appropriate treatment. She also accompanies children during medical examinations or court proceedings. She also takes charge of mediating rehabilitation with the family.
  • For their own safety, children cannot leave the grounds. Therefore, a teacher is present 5 days a week. That way they don't get too behind in school.
  • We have a vegetable garden for healthy eating and the grounds are also a nice green environment. Our gardener, with help from the children, makes sure everything is neatly maintained.
  • To ensure a safe environment, our guards are present day and night.
  • All of this runs very smoothly and efficiently because our manager keeps everything on track.

Our team .

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