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How high the need is and how important it is for us to be there is especially evident from the children's own stories.
We would like to introduce some of the children to you.


Blandina is the shining example of what we can do for the children of Kenya. A resilient girl, she arrived at Kenya Child Care ‘s rescue center heavily pregnant when she was 15 years old. She was abused by her stepbrother and became pregnant as a result. During her stay, she gave birth to her son Joel. In her maternity, she also had to testify against her stepbrother. Unfortunately, she could not expect support from her family. Her mother is the only one who has continued to support her from the sidelines.
Building a future
Despite all these setbacks, Blandina was determined that she wanted to take care of her son herself. She is doing everything she can to build a loving and stable future for her and Joel. Through a scholarship, she was fortunately able to attend school. Joel was cared for in a foster home during Blandina’s college years. She visits her son on a frequent basis and thus remains involved in his upbringing and development.


Amani unfortunately lives in an institution and not with his family as he should. He suffers from a skin disease that leaves him with an extreme form of eczema. His skin is sometimes so inflamed that it even gives him blisters and extreme fever. Despite the pain, he is always there for you when you need something. He is the sweetest and most helpful boy. Before he came to the rescue center, he and his two sisters lived with his grandparents who lovingly cared for him but had no money for medication, let alone a monthly check up at a specialist.


Dorcas came to us as a withdrawn and shy 14-year-old girl. While her mother was at work, Dorcas was caring for her siblings. This resulted in her not being able to attend school. But what made her situation most unsafe was the abuse by her stepfather. Despite the fact that her stepfather had since been convicted of his actions, during the rehabilitation process Dorcas’ mother ultimately proved unable to offer Dorcas a stable future. Dorcas now lives with her father and his new girlfriend and goes back to school.

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